The Australian Centre for Geomechanics is delighted to host the Second International Conference on Underground Mining Technology (UMT 2020) both as an Online Event, and an in-person event in Perth, Western Australia*, 3–4 November 2020. (*Covid-19 restrictions permitting).

Due to the ongoing drive for safer and more productive and economical mines, there is a need for the practical application of existing technology and the continual development of new technology. In recent years, a vast amount of technology development has changed the landscape of mining geomechanics discipline. Photogrammetric methods and laser measurement technology allows geotechnical engineers to gather data not possible before, and the development in drone technology allows them to gather this data in areas previously not accessible.

Integrated underground communications systems allow for seamless real-time integration, and personnel tracking systems allow for better assessment and management of exposure to geotechnical hazards. Geotechnical engineers now have data at higher resolution with wider coverage not possible before. However, effective decisions can only be made if data is turned into information, and knowledge derived from it. This conference will provide a forum to present and discuss new technologies and explore practical ways of implementing and expanding these new technologies to maximise their value within the underground mining environment.

Conference Themes

  • Advances in backfill
  • Data interpretation and design
  • Geomechanical integration with mine planning and design
  • Geotechnical data, instrumentation and monitoring
  • Ground support and reinforcement
  • Seismicity

  • Conference programme now available!
  • The ACG Ground Support in underground mines book is available for purchase here.
  • Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities are available for this conference. Click here to download the sponsorship packages brochure.
  • The papers from the First International Conference on Underground Mining Technology are available to download for free at the ACG Online Repository.