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The Australian Centre for Geomechanics is delighted to host the Second International Conference on Underground Mining  Technology (UMT 2020) in Brisbane, Australia, 4–6 November 2020.
Ongoing research and innovations in underground mining technologies continually assist operations to significantly improve their productivity, cost efficiency and, most importantly, their health and safety records, whilst reducing their environmental impact.
Over the last decades, advances such as paste fill have enabled fast turnover of stopes and new mining sequences; electronic detonators have facilitated very large and complicated blasts; new mine equipment is more productive and safer to operate; seismic and other monitoring systems allow the mine to keep track of the ground response in real time. There are no longer limitations to communication systems underground ­– tablets and Wi-Fi are even available in some mines.
Underground mining technology has enabled many mines to access the Earth’s valuable resources at great depths.
This event will provide opportunities for underground mining practitioners to explore the latest mining technologies and methodologies which will drive industry into the future.

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